"Empowering young people to champion and create local pathways for sustainable development"



The Local Pathways Fellowship seeks to provide young leaders with the tools, a platform and a guiding framework for action, and connect them with leading urban development experts and practitioners.

The fellows will take on a journey throughout which they will explore pathways for "localizing" the globally adopted goals and targets, exchange knowledge and ideas, and work to engage local stakeholders in a dialogue around strategies and plans their city needs to build a better future for its citizens.


  • Empower young people to mobilize citizens' support for the 2030 Agenda and secure local commitment to prioritize implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

  • Provide young people with the means to engage local stakeholders in dialogue and collaboration for sustainable development

  • Equip young people with the tools and resources to advance problem solving for sustainable development at the local level

  • Train a young generation of urban sustainability leaders and SDG advocates by educating them about the process of “localising” the SDGs